Commercial and Administrative Litigation

Appropriate management of conflict in all its forms and stages has been found to be vital to obtain satisfactory results in all undertakings. Poorly executed litigation has the potential of threatening the survival of a company and thus, it must be led by a team of lawyers bringing together experience, insight and intelligence, responsibility and seriousness with dedication and knowledge. That is exactly what our clients will find in our litigation team, an efficient and focused group of professionals led by Attorney Jonatán Picado, capable of successfully meeting the demands of the most complex conflicts.

The capacity of developing an adequate risk matrix and establishing an appropriate strategy to safeguard the interests of the company is the result of a mature and versatile team. Zurcher Odio & Raven has acquired a vast experience in civil, commercial and administrative law by engaging in the most relevant conflicts in the country for several decades. Our team’s well-established practice is recognized by those involved in the administration of justice at Courts of Justice, Courts of Arbitration and Conciliation Centres.

Our team

The specialization of our litigation team, coupled with teaming up with experts in other areas for a correct understanding of the different aspects of the subject matter of a dispute, have generated successful results for our clients’ businesses. The participation in prominent judicial proceedings has generated significant case law, as a result of the leadership and focus of our professionals, in the most diverse areas of commercial, civil and administrative law.

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  • Francisco Chacón Bravo
  • Carlos Galva
  • Eunice Ovaress

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