Litigation and conflict resolution

Managing conflicts requires in-depth and updated knowledge, experience, strength and much common sense. Preparing a correct risk matrix for decision making in controversy management is the result of a team of lawyers who understand business, but are also experts in court and arbitration proceedings, which we handle with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism, as well as an insightful and cunning strategy.

Because of the constant presence in the most relevant court and arbitration cases and the legal precedents arisen from them, and due to the importance for the diverse areas of development of the country, our litigation area has been positioned as the undisputed leader in controversy management in Costa Rica.

Our team

Over many years of intensive professional practice, we have assembled two highly successful litigation teams lead by the most experienced professionals in their field in the country. The first one specializes in corporate criminal law, and the second one in commercial and civil conflict, administrative, environmental and agrarian cases, both at the judicial and arbitration levels. Both teams work in close collaboration.

  • Jonatán Picado
  • Erick Ramos
  • Gloriana Valladares
  • Javier Llobet
  • Jenny Quirós
  • Carlos Galva
  • Darren Villalobos
  • Eunice Ovares
  • Gustavo Chan
  • Marianella Solís

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