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COVID: 18 Month Quiz

Covid 19 in Costa Rica

Eighteen months after a pandemic that we all thought would last less, it is time to at least review what we are doing internally on the Covid-19 issue.

Let's see examples:

  • Many companies, in order to control contagion and not put their operations at risk, implemented payday benefits for people who report having been exposed to the risk of contagion. How have we been with that policy? Have people been abused? Do we keep track of that? Is it time to reconsider those benefits?
  • Despite the efforts, the warnings, the information and the suggestions, the workers continue to disrespect the sanitary measures and they make it evident on the social networks. Their same colleagues denounce the situation fearful of a possible contagion. From a theoretical point of view, the employer cannot apply sanctions on behaviors that occur in the worker's free time. From a practical point of view, we are at a peak of the pandemic, where the CCSS itself has recognized that we will see the worst of the situation in the next three weeks, and where everyone's health is at risk. What if we admonish them?
  • Do we keep the disability issue in order? What are we doing with health orders that have not yet been validated as disability by a health center?
  • How is our vaccination control? Virtually the entire population over 18 years of age has already had a choice of at least one dose. Was it applied? If they haven't, do we know why? Will it be necessary to grant permits, coordinate with a vaccination program to bring workers who have not yet been vaccinated to comply with this health requirement?
  • Are there anti-vaxxers in the workplace? The vaccine is not yet mandatory nor is it a guarantee of preventing infection, but it is of reducing its impact or strength. Let's establish vaccination or testing requirements to enter the workplace, both for workers and contractors.
  • Do we have a protocol on how to proceed in case of hospitalization and death of a collaborator? For example, provisions on amounts that the company could cover, delivery of liquidation to your family, delivery of information, delivery of your personal items.
  • Are all positions that could be teleworked covered? Or are we returning to face-to-face for some reason despite the risk - even when we are vaccinated?
  • Finally, an open question: Faced with 18 months of a constant crisis at all levels, can we apply our disciplinary measures as usual? How has the pandemic impacted staff and their performance? What can we do for your mental health?

By Alejandra Montiel

Alejandra Montiel - Zurcher Odio & Raven Abogados

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